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Climate Change


The course will begin by digging into geology, climatology and archeology as it relates to climate. First we will search for the cause of the last major climate change. It occurred in very recent geological history and created our most recent Ice age, less than 15,000 years ago. It extincted most of the large mammals of North America (Sabre Tooth Tiger, Mammoth, Giant Sloth, etc.) And was monumentally catastrophic on the environment - causing such scars on the earth as Yosemite valley and the massive Fjords of Norway. There have been thousands of such sudden, apocalyptic climate changes in the Earth's history, and thousands more that happened gradually. So we will start with the Geological record, from which we can identify the radical shifts in climate, and, hopefully, find the causes. Focuses will be:
The causes of the great climate change which inverted the Sahara from a virtual rainforest 10,000 years ago into the driest and hottest place on Earth today, and how easily it could have been prevented if our species had the understanding then that we have today.

The causes of the Holocene, Devonian, Ordovician, Silurian, Cretacean, Paleogene, Permian and Triassic extinctions, which, in each sudden extinction event, wiped out as much as 99% of all life on earth. We will also analyze how these extinctions could have been prevented, or at least moderated, had humans existed at that point in time.

How genetic engineering, hand in hand with Climate Control and appropriate legislation, could have prevented the existence of mosquitos, gnats, biting flies, poisonous snakes, locusts, badgers and the Whooping Cough, had humans existed in the distant past.

How the last ice age could have been prevented if our species had acted more responsibly, and had effective legislation been enacted and enforced to curb our wanton reach for food, clothing and shelter.
These, and other topics, will be explored in depth during this unique, hands on, approach to learning and self discovery.

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